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We serve the best Sofa cleaning, repair and furnishing!

We Offer an Expert and Best Sofa Cleaning Service!

Our expert workers bring you quality sofa cleaning, repair and furnish services with quality assurance practices. Certified cleaners are fully screened and trained before being deployed. We provide couch and sofa cleaning service in Dhaka and the other part of Bangladesh. The sofa contains fungus, bacteria as well as viruses from dust and stain. Therefore, your sofa should get cleaned twice a year to keep your home healthy.

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Sofa Cleaning Service

We provide expert Sofa Cleaning services for all types of complexes from small to a large home, offices and commercial centres to the industrial, warehouse, and retail locations. Also, we clean, sanitize and remove all spots from your sofa making it bright and fresh as new. Even more, our team will consider every method and procedure, proper equipment and chemicals according to the kind of fabric or material. Finally, during the cleaning process, the team will examine and evaluate every detail to maintain the same quality of sofa or carpet after the cleaning.

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Trained Cleaners

In today’ modern era of the marketplace, the one thing that defines quality companies is their commitment to customer satisfaction. Our dedication has been driving Hamim Enterprise cleaning and sofa cleaning since its beginning. Our process is dry and chemical-free, so you don’t need to leave the house and you can use it straight away. As household vacuums clean only the surface and do not remove the impurities from within, our vacuums have 11 times the suction power. Our professional team carefully surveys your sofa to understand its construction, fibre used, backing material and fillers. Hence, this helps us in deciding the cleaning method as well as products to use.

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Quality Matters

A superior Sofa Cleaning through our trained staff and on-site supervision to ensure accountability every time. The spots and stains, if any, are removed using the right chemical agents. We use a machine with a twin vacuum motor that sucks out maximum water and cleaning agent thereby reducing the drying time. So, if you think your sofa is dirty and requires a thorough cleaning don’t wait for more. Contact us and get the quality sofa cleaning service.

More Info About Our Sofa Cleaning Service

Make your old Chair/Sofa look like a new one within an affordable price! Wondering how?  Hamim Enterprise makes it possible by providing professional Sofa cleaning service in Dhaka.

We provide the best professional chair and sofa cleaning service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As a result of the fact, the sofa contains rust, bacteria as diseases from dirt and discolouration. Your sofa must be cleaned twice a year to keep your family members healthy. Also, we clean, sanitize, repair and remove all stains from your sofa. We make it as clear as new and renewed. Our expert sofa repair and cleaning team will consider each method, strategy, appropriate material, process and compounds according to the type of fabric or plastic. During the cleaning process, the expert team will monitor and judge every feature, corner to keep the same kind of sofa or chair after cleaning all the process.

Do you know that you can be affected by many diseases like allergy, eczema and other contagious diseases from bacteria of dirty Sofa? We spend hours of time contacting, cleaning with your Sofa, Couch. That’s the reason why you should get your Sofa, Couch Cleaned by Hamim Enterprise. If you are looking for Professional Sofa, Couch, Upholstery Cleaning Service in Dhaka, we are here to p[provide the best sofa cleaning service with repair too. We can help you to get rid of all dirt and stain which will make you satisfactory experience within your sofa cleaning or repair service within your requirement.

What do we do? We evaluate and select the best harmless chemicals for your sofa for safest and lasting results which are eco-friendly too. We use a high powered vacuum process to remove dry soil and dust deep below the surface. We carefully and professionally clean most of your fabrics such as microfiber, silk, wool, chenille, suede, cotton and leather. We repair your broken Sofa-Couch and fabrics with our expert skilled workers. We use Sofa Shampooing, Steaming to clean your sofa in the first place.

We Identify your fabric of the sofa. Our Professional expert cleaners will first identify your sofa fabric type and make sure to use the right cleaning procedures.

When we clean your Sofa our cleaner will apply a detergent pre-spray and agitates with the brush to penetrate the soil and mark for better removal. We Steam Cleaning your sofa too. We have the water-based solution which is injected into the fabric and removes deep stains. We have the Drying Method. We use a strong and effective full vacuum suction machine technology to remove water and that will make your sofa dry quickly. We provide Professional sofa Cleaning service for home and office in all parts of Dhaka. We use Steaming to remove deeply embedded dirt, stain, and bacteria and many more. Our unique techniques will make your Sofa-Couch fresh, clean and healthy. We provide Professional Sofa Cleaning service in all parts of Dahaka. including every part, area, locations. Just contact us and we will be there for your service.

Why We Are Different

Cleaning Service

Hygiene & Clean

We always make sure about hygiene and the best cleaning. 

Safety and check

Safety Check

Professional cleaning service provider to ensure safety.

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Cleaners make sure about your place of deep cleaning.

Health Inspection

Health Inspection

It is about the concern about health inspection which we always care about.

Eco Friendly Cleaning

Eco Friendly

Monitoring management always ensure the eco-friendly cleaning service.

Regular Disinfectant

Regular Disinfectant

Cleaning area with specialized disinfectant environment eco-friendly chemicals.

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